Ask This Questions before Choosing Your Cloud Hosting Provider

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Nowadays, there is a lot of cloud hosting provider who claim to be the best and most reliable. To select cloud hosting providers, you need to think carefully whether your decision is right or wrong. This is because you will entrust your business data and some of the most valuable assets to them later on. The decision cannot be taken lightly. How can you be sure and rate them appropriately when you do not know the terms and certification shown by some cloud hosting providers? Here are some questions you can ask for your consideration before choosing cloud hosting provider.

What levels does your data center classify?

A level of classification system is a standard methodology created by the Uptime Institute that evaluates the performance of the infrastructure site, or often refers as uptime. Assess the reliability and securities of the site physical components are part of the process.
The data center is assigned to a certain extent that is appropriate to the performance. Progressive levels are 1 to 4, and in others belong to the low level. The higher the level means the better data center owned and has lower downtime.

Where is my data stored?
Is it important to know where cloud server are located? It depends. For home users, this is not so important, but the user’s business interests have regulations that prevent them from uploading files to a server in a foreign country. The location server may affect the problem download and upload speeds, as well as how long the data will be stored.

How big is the uptime guarantee provided?
The level of service is determined by the details of uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) as part of the service contract. Uptime is calculated as a percentage, especially for the network, electricity uptime and number of scheduled maintenance window.
Uptime and reliability are often measured in various levels of the number nine (% of availability):
99.999% = about 5 minutes of downtime per year
99.99% = over 52 minutes of downtime per year
99.9% = nearly 9 hours of downtime per year
99.9% = nearly 9 hours of downtime per year
99% = nearly 90 hours of downtime per year

Are your clients and partners satisfied with your services?
It is something that is difficult to evaluate the quality of support providers, unless you have been a customer. That is why seeing Net Promoter score is a good way to learn about customer satisfaction without having to commit to the provider. Net promoter scores measure customer loyalty by assessing their satisfaction. Not just about the only satisfaction, net promoter scores is a good way to do business. The cloud hosting provider certainly want to find the root cause of their clients are happy or not, dissatisfied or not so that the customer experience can be transformed into something that is profitable.

Choosing cloud hosting provider is an uneasy rigorous process. It will have an impact on the way you do business. Through some of these questions, you just helped to make better decisions. The future online world is designed on the basis Cloud, lest you miss.